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Health Insurance Plans
It takes less than a minute 
to complete the short survey and see if you qualify for these newly improved Health Plans
It takes less than a minute to complete 
Our short survey to see if you qualify for 
these newly improved Health Plans

Why Do This?

You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year 
with these 2020 healthcare plan options

If you travel out of state, many plans do NOT cover you. 
Are you 100% SURE your plan gives you the coverage you need? 
If not, take advantage of our offer today.

The Benefits / Problems We Solve

The Benefits / 
Problems We Solve

Remove Stress
We help take the stress out of the process by narrowing down the options to a plan that will give you the proper coverage for your specific needs at the best price
Less Confusion
There are so many programs that are very similar.  It can be very confusing to know which one to choose.  We will narrow down the options and go through the pros & cons of each one so you can make an educated decision for you and your family
Stop the Overwhelm
With so many options and variations, it is easy to get overwhelmed – It is common for people to not know what to do …or to choose to do nothing.  

We have a very simple and easy process to help you get the best health insurance plan for your needs / situation

Things to Consider

Important Benefits:

  • Enrollment:  No need to wait for open enrollment, switch anytime and your coverage will begin immediately
  • Savings:  You can get approved in as fast as one day and start saving money immediately
  • ACA Exempt:  You won't have to worry about paying the Obamacare tax penalty
  • Nationwide Network:   With over 1 million providers so you get the best care available and use your current providers

Receive A No Cost / No Obligation Consultation

You have the option to get a Complimentary Consultation with a licensed expert. 

If you have an existing health plan, they will review of your current plan to see if you have the best coverage for your specific needs.  They will also see if there are alternatives that can give you better coverage and save you a lot of money.

If you do not have a current health plan, our specialists will do the following:

  -  Identify your specific needs based on your situation, current health condition and job type.  You will not need to be stressed wondering if you have the correct type of coverage

  -  They will take the 20+ options and narrow them down to the top 3 they feel will fit your situation.  This will take away the normal confusion involved with understanding the many options out there.

  -  The end result is that you will not get overwhelmed because they will break everything down into an easy to understand solution that you can take comfort in knowing fits the needs of you and your family 

If You Are A Nurse / You Travel / You Are An Independent Contractor

There are special programs you may not be aware of that can save you a significant amount of money and give you better coverage.  

There is no cost or obligation to do this, so what do you have to lose?

Let us help you...Click the button below. It takes less than a minute to answer a few questions so we can help you get the right health coverage and most likely save you a lot of money as well.   
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